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About Us

All of us here at GifTicket, Inc. seek to provide our customers with a means to gift goods and services to loved ones in a way that is convenient, economical, and more ethical in its support of local communities. We offer the convenience of online shopping and the flexibility of gift certificates. Unlike typical gift certificate providers, however, we don’t charge our customers big surcharges and bank fees. And, while traditional gift certificates funnel money to big banks and corporations, GifTickets are purchased specifically for goods and services in your loved one’s local community. That way, local business profit from the end sales and local communities benefit from the commercial revenue. We offer a convenient way to shop for loved ones on Main Street, not Wall Street, and to do it from the comfort of home!

All of us here at GifTicket, Inc. also seek to provide local merchants, vendors, and service providers with a means to expand market share at no cost to them. By participating in the GifTicket service, local businesses gain worldwide exposure to our gift-giving customers. And, through the purchase of GifTickets, our customers send more business through their doors. Unlike typical gift certificate providers, however, we don’t charge local businesses any bank fees or credit card transaction fees. Thanks to GifTicket, Inc., local businesses and communities benefit more from the increased business and end sales!

GifTicket, Inc. is a small, web-based company that is veteran and family owned and operated. We hope to offer our customers a valuable service that makes a difference at the local level.

“Shop Globally, Give Locally!”
GifTicket, Inc.